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This blog was an email that I sent out to my Beachbody family, friends and fitness enthusiasts yesterday.

These two quotes stuck with me so, that after reading them this weekend I felt compelled to share with that community of people…and now with you all.

Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments…


“When we are happy, we spread happiness; and when we are in pain, we spread suffering.”

Is this true for you?
I am hoping that you all are HAPPY – spreading and sharing that happiness in the world. But  the truth is that many of us are in pain; and if this is you for one reason or another, my prayer today for you is for strength, faith and hope that you discover a support system so amazing that it eases or even dissipates your pain.

The other truth is simply that healthier people ARE happier people. It has been proven in study after study. When we are healthier we feel better about ourselves, our relationships improve, we smile more, we are more confident AND we want to share this feeling with others.

todayThis is what I want for each of you!
Beachbody programs and feeding my body what it needs (physically, mentally and spiritually) have been what works for me over the past 5 years. I think that the only Beachbody program that I have not completed may be Rockin’ Body. I have spent countless hours on nutrition courses and continue to do so with such passion for sharing that knowledge with anyone and everyone who is interested or asks the questions. And lately, I have spent even more time on personal development, yoga and my spiritual journey which has been eye-opening and life changing.

“Let go of habits of distraction and develop the habit of concentration.”

What is going on in your life RIGHT NOW that is throwing you off course? What is distracting you from reaching your goals? What is getting in your way of being the BEST you? A healthier you? A happier you?
Define it. Change your habit. Get rid of distraction. Develop concentration.

Words for a Wednesday…..