Ready to clean up and feel l better? Heck yeah!! Who would say no to that?!  Especially when it is FREE 🙂

#1 – This article has great info in cleaning up your nutrition, especially if you have any chronic issues(bloating, gas, headaches, skin rashes, lethargy, etc) ….Simple Steps to Clean Up Your Nutritioneat-real-food

#2 – Starting next week we will use SOME of these concepts as well as BUILD on them as I am hosting a FREE clean eating group after Halloween with menus, grocery lists & tips, support and accountability!!!

Most importantly I want you to use this accountability for YOU. This is your journey. Learn from it , take what you need to help you be successful.

I will be using a few measurables (pictures, measurements, weight)  and one of the rules is to track your progress – however,  you are not obligated to share with anyone unless you wish.

If you did not respond to my Facebook post about this group yesterday and so that I know who is IN and READY to get started, I need you to…

  • respond in the comment section if you are interested or send me a message to
  • share this blog and invite a friend in the comments who may be interestedaccountability 2
  • tell me ideally how many days can you commit to (5,7,10 or 21) Majority rules.

Once I hear from you, I will send you the rules for the challenge. We start 11/3!! I am so ready to help you on this journey and excited to see who will join me!!

Have an amazing week 😉