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Stressed out this month? We all tend to get so caught up in the hustle and bustle of the season; busy with work, family, school events, holiday shopping, parties, baking/cooking, volunteering, etc…..

One of my favorite quotes that I repeat to myself quite often…. “What we resist, persists.”

Take a moment today, this week, this month and take a breath. Instead of resisting life –  embrace it.

Rejoice in the joy of the season and make the most of this time of year with your family, friends and loved ones. Bring some peace into your world, your community, your home, your family, your relationships.


If you haven’t heard, people are getting amazing results with the 3 Day Refresh!  I try to do the refresh about 4 times a year and just completed my last one the Sunday, Monday & Tuesday following Thanksgiving. I have to say, it was amazing!!! I was sleeping better, lost the turkey-bloat, my mind was clearer, I was more productive and it helped curb some poor habits that I had fallen into with eating! I am back to normal portions, less of a sweet tooth and slowing down to enjoy my food!!

This is an awesome way to detox or kickstart your metabolism to get it working for you instead of against you 🙂 

What’s even more exciting is that I will be doing it again starting January 4th or 5th (you choose) with an 2015 accountability group!  If you are interested in starting the new year off RIGHT and detoxing after the holidays, email me to join us!!!

You can also read more about the refresh here and contact me with any questions – 3 Day Refresh


BREAKFAST!  We all need to be eating a good breakfast.

It is also essential to begin your day with a good dose of protein – keeping you satisfied throughout the morning. Ideally you should have a protein/carb/fat ratio of 2:1:1.

Email me if you have any questions on that.

Check out these delicious recipes for protein loaded breakfasts!

Stay Satisfied with a Good Breakfast

Two of my favorites for breakfast are:

  • 2 poached organic eggs over spinach, sliced tomatoes, 1/4 sliced avocado & a small crumble of goat cheese. Serve with 1/2 cup mixed berries
  • Chocolate Shakeology mixed with water, 1/2 banana and 2 tbsp PB2

joy to the worldChallenge of the week: make it AMAZING by sharing joy with a stranger!! 

In line for coffee? Buy one for the person behind you.

Hold the door for everyone who crosses your path.

Smile more.

Offer to STOP and help someone who looks like they may need it.

OR try my favorite one!!  Take a small post-it note, write something inspiring or just a seasonal note          (“wishing you peace and happiness through the holidays”) and anonymously stick them ANYWHERE!!  On a car, in the restroom at the gym, in the grocery store, on your child’s book bag, in your co-workers office…..

and then share with us in the comments section how you spread some joy this week!!  I cannot wait to hear all of the wonderful stories 🙂