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Hellloooooooooo, Mother Nature?!!  Are you there? We are ready for sunshine and spring here in Charlotte but got another snow day today!

However, the predicted 7-10 inches was “slightly” off when we woke up this morning to barely 3 inches and dry roads by 1pm this afternoon.

Regardless, we are making the most of this day home with the kids. They are enjoying playing outside in the snow and we made some healthy treats this morning for snacks throughout the day. Peanut butter protein balls and “ice cream” – both recipes are available on my app under Healthy Treats.

We also got in a snow day workout – which can be used ANY DAY 🙂 snow day 2 workout

As I sit here typing, birds are chirping outside my office window….even they are trying to tell Mother Nature, we Charlotteans are ready for spring!

Have a fantastic weekend!!