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Soulful Sunday in the Fit Envy Kitchen 🙂

I woke up hungry this morning and decided to dig through my fridge and see what I could come up with for breakfast. Along with a piping hot cup of dark roast organic coffee, this colorful plate is what happened….

IMG_5392A sweet potato hash. An organic kale, tomato & goat cheese egg scramble and fresh strawberries. Oh, how I love my quiet time in the kitchen on Sunday mornings.

Lunch time. As I posted on the Facebook page – my zoodles…


+ avocado pesto + diced onion & leftover green peas turned into this delicious dish!


Good thing I got a picture before it was gone 🙂  This is simple to make and very filling – it makes a great vegetarian dish too!

You can find the avocado pesto recipe on the Fit Envy app – download for free!

Additional recipes coming this week including a mushroom polenta casserole and homemade spaghetti sauce.
Do you have an ingredient that you need a healthy recipe for??  If so, post in comments and we will help you with a nutritious recipe.

Bon Apetite!  Have a healthful week!