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…those times when I hear from my family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, strangers and clients about their SUCCESSES with fitness, weight loss, nutrition plans, improved wellness and overall health. They share with me how they have hit a milestone, finished a race or are feeling more energy throughout their day.

Hearing the excitement in their voices and reading the emails and testimonies truly puts a smile on my face and brings happy tears to my eyes!! I can feel their increased energy and happiness because I can relate.  I KNOW how great this way of life feels and sharing in the experience when others feel that way too, is amazing!!

So, I wanted to share a couple testimonies today. Reading these inspire me! I hope that they inspire and motivate you too 🙂IMG_6139

“I recently turned 46 and realized that I was not in the shape I wanted to be in. I have, in the past, worked out in the gym but eventually lost interest doing the same old thing over and over. Also, my life has become busier, and I could not afford to spend so much time at the gym anymore. I spoke with Lindsey and she introduced me to some Beachbody programs that I could do at home.
3 1/2 months later I have completed Focus T-25, and am currently doing Turbo Fire. I have lost 13 pounds and over 1.5″ on my thighs and hips as well as my middle. I feel great and I feel strong again!! There is a Beachbody program out there for everyone. At this point in my life, it’s not about just working out. It’s choosing to make a life style change in both the nutrition and the fitness area to benefit me overall. Life is too short to not want to feel great.” ~Anonymous, Lake Norman, NC

“The 3 Day Refresh was a great way to kick off my road to healthy eating.  It was easy to follow, affordable and I wasn’t ever hungry.  It was a great way to prepare for the 21 Day Fix because it gets you used to planning your day and the weight loss gets you pumped up and ready for the next phase!!!” ~Shannon, Sherrills Ford, NC

cropped-people.jpg  Do you have a testimony about a healthy change you have made in your life?? SHARE IN COMMENTS!  You never know what an impact you could have on someone else just by sharing your story!