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I need it, you need it, we all need it!! SO get ready and join us!
We start Monday, October 19th.

Change Your Habits, Change Your Life, FREE 5 Day Challenge.
Why? Just because!  I want to feel better and detox my body AND more importantly I want YOU ALL to feel how making healthier choices can change your life!


I will give you:
– rules & recipes
– guidance on eating clean
– support
– exercise tips
– an online forum to ask questions
– grocery lists
– nutritional advice
– motivation
– overall wellness tips
– and PRIZES!

You just have to:
COMMIT!!! to yourself and to the challenge.

Are you IN?
If your answer is YES, all you need to do is SUBSCRIBE to the Fit Envy blog, make sure you FOLLOW Fit Envy Fitness & Nutrition on Facebook and Instagram (if you are on social media), and INVITE a friend to join you.
**If you already do these things and want to join the challenge, send me an email to Lindsey@FitEnvyNC.com with “I AM COMMITTED” in the subject line.**


I am excited to hear from you this week.
**Tip: get yourself prepared – mentally and physically. YOU CAN DO THIS.
Planning ahead =  success. I will start posting rules & food later this week.